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I am a pro player and teacher so this stuff is as accurate as you will find anywhere on the net, however the work is limited by time available and the usual software frustrations. If you find an error or omission please let me know as I'm keen that this stuff should be as accurate as possible. There's a lot of bad tab out there, especially the bass transcriptions, so we could all pull together to make this site the one to use. Similarly if you have any accurate transcriptions please let me know and we'll share them. You may freely use this stuff, but remember that it is not available for profit as this would infringe copyright in many cases. Those looking for a workout should start with some left hand ex's, then right hand stuff, then scales and arpeggios. Finally, I insist that all my students make time for some MUSIC. This should include studying the works of others-your peers- such as other guitar pieces, and the truly smart player studies music from whatever source possible. I have applied violin, cello, piano, sax, trumpet and whatever else to guitar and bass. For an example of how this broadens a musicians approach, consider Allan Holdsworth-plays lead like a sax or violin (which he also has studied) and plays chords like a pianist would. Also check out Dick Dale playing guitar as if it were a mandolin or bouzouki! Your practise time should also make room for some improvisation-always more fun with a friend!

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Friday, September 28, 2007

King Crimson "Fracture" Moto perpetuo section

Coming soon........


FraKcman said...

Hi! Please will you allow me to post your transcription of Fracture at The FraKctured Zone?

Paul said...

By all means!

Dave said...

Hi Paul,

I've got a copy of the score for the Moto Perpettuo from Fracture plus the interview with Robert that appeared in Guitar Magazine from the 70's.

I scanned it and sent it to Sid Smith for possible inclusion on the DGM site as someone had requested it, but it was rejected, probably for copyright reasons.

Happy to pass it on (provided you don't publish it!!!) for reasons of comparison to your own transcription.

As an aside.. I sat in Robert's front room in Putney on my 18th birthday just brfore he went off to "dig ditches" and we rattled through the Moto Perpetuo together as well as him showing me loads of other stuff. What a gift for that young guitarist!!

All the best